Hello and welcome to my website! Thank you for getting this far. I’m a London based contemporary artist. I enjoy painting in many different styles and, although I tend not to label my technique, I do have a soft spot for Fauvism and primitive art style painting. I strongly believe that if one engages with the inner visualisation of a thing, person or animal, whilst at the same time holding a brush or pencil, something magical happens. That magic materialises on canvas, paper and board.

If one has a firm vision of what is being produced, then it will happen and that version of a thing, animal or person will appear. Taking the time to be still and observe allows me to concentrate and actualise, one bit at a time, one piece at a time, on what will be a great magical whole of a puzzle, thereby creating a reality on whichever medium chosen.

As a self-taught artist, I immerse myself completely, to the point where I am the thing I’m painting. If that be a bird, I’ll feel my wings flapping or my claws gently balancing on a branch. If I’m painting an elephant, I’ll feel my heavy feet treading on the ground and the roaring sound coming through my trunk. If it be a boat, then I am the boat, feeling the gentle sway of the tide. I think you get the picture.


I am not classically-trained. I am a self-taught artist and have learned by listening to others, reading books and observing the works of other artists, wondering how they achieved their great works. I am particularly grateful for the Mary Ward centre in London, where I once studied an Access into Art course way back in 2003. They are largely responsible for starting me on my journey.


My own enquiry has taken me on a journey, where I’m forever thinking of how I can progress. That importance of progression as a self-taught artist far outweighs any pursuit of financial gain or commercial success. I see the world through shape and colour. I tend to perceive it that way, far better than, say, the written or spoken word. Perhaps that is the autism within me. I’m not implying that autistic people are more creative but merely understanding the autism within me, through the medium of art.

Take a look at some of my pieces on my Home and my Other Projects page and, if anything catches your eye or, perhaps, if you see anything that confuses you, please get in touch through my contact form or through the chat box at the bottom of your screen, so we can discuss the relevant piece further.

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