In the first two art-works, I wanted to create a feeling of belongingness and connectivity – a concept of what it is to be human, along with the pleasure required to make a human functional and happy. I focused on the functionality and sense of fun needed to make us not only useful but happy within that usefulness, as well as a sense of playfulness, a sense of cooperation and one of necessity.

In the first painting, we see the orange grove farmers working together (cooperation) to provide food (necessity), as well as a beach below, with playful, happy people whilst, out at sea, fishermen are catching fish (functionality). In these two conceptual pieces I’ve intended to portray the importance of these human acts/qualities.

In the second painting. we see two people flying their kites on a beach. Two people totally connected with their playfulness. Both of these pieces depict how we can be playful and functional at the same time. Some might associate the word playful with a lack of seriousness. I do not. I feel playfulness should be the basis of all functionality, cooperation, necessity and connectivity.