This series of paintings, performed with acrylics, is based on my memories of travelling the world as a flight attendant many years ago and, although I’m no longer a flight attendant, the memories of what I saw remain in these paintings. I’ve called this collection “The Tourist Collection” because, unless we live in a certain place, we are not locals. We are tourists. We observe as tourists. I think that can be said of many things and circumstances. 

Although we, as humans, can engage in empathy, we are still ourselves and not the thing, person or animal we are empathising with. We sit outside, as if encased in a safari jeep or the safe confines of a tourist coach. So much exists outside of our personal circumstances. So much more exists. Not only different human lifestyles but, also, the experiences that animals and plants have. Have you ever wondered how that may feel? How you’d see the world as them?

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My name’s Sam Kraimer and I’m a contemporary artist, based in London. I’ve been drawing and painting for close to 20 years now, using art as a means to explore my thoughts on countless different subjects and ideas. I’m not a “fine artist.” I approach art from a much more fun, careless place. Art is about depicting life as you perceive it, and fun is a huge part of the human experience of living on this planet. When it comes to my subjects, I immerse myself in them to such an extent, that I become them outright. A deep connection to the things that I capture in my art is at the very core of my approach to painting.

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If any of this is of interest to you, I’d love to hear what you think. Not only of my work but, also, of your own experiences and thoughts in regard to the ‘tourist’ concept. Feel free to send me your thoughts in the chat box at the bottom of the page, or fill out my contact form on my contact page.

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